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Registering Interest for a Place in Reception Class

Should you be interested in applying for a school place for your child, please contact the school office on 01257 264480 to register your interest. The Bursar will take some information and you will be contacted at the appropriate time with details of admissions arrangements, as well as dates of Open Evenings etc. Our Admissions Policy is available in the 'Policies' section of this website.

Applying for a Place in Reception Class

Lancashire County Council manages admissions for St. Chad's Catholic Primary School. Please click the link below for admissions and to ‘Apply for a school place’. If your child belongs to a faith group, you must complete the Supplementary Information Form and submit it directly to school for this is be taken into account when ranking according to the oversubscription criteria. 


Lancashire County Council acts on behalf of the school in respect of admissions and appeals. If your child has not been granted a place at St. Chad's and you wish to appeal then there will be a formal process to follow, please contact school for further details.

In year admissions

As a Voluntary Aided (VA) School, our governors are our admissions authority and therefore In-Year Admissions (i.e. all admission except new reception starters) are dealt with directly by the school. We adhere to the Admissions Code when processing enquiries and applications for in-year applications. See extract from the Schools Admissions Code below, relating specifically to In-Year Admissions. Please feel free to contact the Headteacher who will be able to guide you through the process. 


Application forms are available on request. Written applications should be addressed to the Appeals Committee and delivered to the school office.  We will also accept email applications which should be sent to: