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Prevent Duty


The aim of ‘Prevent’ is to stop people becoming or supporting terrorists and to do this by challenging ideologies, protecting vulnerable individuals and supporting institutions, such as schools. It is part of the National Counter Terrorism Strategy known as CONTEST.

At St Chad’s Catholic Primary School we believe that children should be given the opportunity to explore the issue of diversity and understand Britain as a multi-cultural society. Providing a safe learning environment in which children can raise controversial questions and concerns without fear of reprimand or ridicule and explore boundaries of what’s acceptable will engender an open attitude to multi-cultural and race issues.


We do this through our PSHE and RE curriculum which aims to foster in children values such as tolerance, understanding, respect and indeed welcome for people from all countries, faiths and backgrounds. We also do this through debate and healthy discussion within a safe learning environment where opinions are valued and challenged in a respectful and informed way.


Staff have received training as part of our safeguarding duties in the recognition of children who may become vulnerable to such extremism. Teachers have completed the CHANNEL training (e-learning module). The Designated Safeguard Lead (DSL), Mr Riley, has received WRAP training from Lancashire Constabulary (Workshop for Raising Awareness of Prevent). With this level of understanding of the Prevent Duty, staff have assessed the risks in our setting and will remain vigilant as part of the school Safeguarding arrangements. Any concerns are formally passed on to the DSL. Promoting British Values is a key part of our preventative measures (see ‘British Values’ statement on website).


See the link below for further information and resources for PREVENT:-